SoyCon 8 | The Island Paradise
An Update Before SoyCon Begins July 22, 2015  
SoyCon 8 is complete and it's now in the books. On behalf of all of us here, staff and supporters, we want to thank everyone who came by to enjoy this wonderful event. Even though it rained out on us during Saturday and had a bit of a chaos situation, we want to thank you for striving through that storm and cooperating as it passed on. Even during the storm passing, a good number of you still wanted to enjoy the event. That took us by surprise. We apologize to those who wasn't really fan of the weather during that day. This year was probably the most unpredictable weather forecast in SoyCon history. Next year, we are seeking possible indoor venues so that incase rain situations happen, we have a place to go and not cancel the event for that day. We want to make sure our event runs smoothly and not taking a risk of unpredictable Illinois weather. Other than that, we again want to thank you for visiting our event. Credit also goes to the hard working staff members at registration, security, medical team, photographers, videographers, event staff, grill/food staff, and the Cosplay Foam Fighting team. Next year, we will strive to put together an another amazing event and hoping for better for weather next year!

SoyCon 9 - We'll see you next year!

Photo By Vincent Kan Photography
An Update Before SoyCon Begins July 16, 2015  
SoyCon begins this Saturday, tomorrow if you're going to beach day! We really hope many of you will be joining us on the fun and festivites happening this weekend. Please read everyone on this website so there isn't any confusion on anything. If you're unsure of something, contact us via social networks or e-mail us at

Let it be known that once Friday begins, we won't be able to update the site until we return on Monday. Stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter feeds if there's an update on anything.

Remember to print and fill out your registration forms on our "Registration" page. Schedules, addresses, hours of operation, and rules & guideline information are located on our "Info" page. Beach day does not require a submission for registration. Forward all registration forms during Saturday and Sunday's event. One registration form = 1 weekend badge.

This is also a potluck event. We would love everyone to contribute towards the event. Coolers, ice, water bottles, hot dogs, burgers, or anything that can help us out. There will be many attendees and we need all the help we can get.

Other than that, lets rock this weekend and we'll all see you there! Don't be afraid to ask any of our staff members if you have any questions or concerns!
SoyCon Selfie Photo Contest 2015 Winners July 15, 2015  
Lets congraduate all the winners of this year's selfie photo contest! All winners will be contacted and will receive a digital gift card to Amazon! We would also like to thank all the participants who have participated at this year's contest. All winners can be viewed on the Contest page.
Lei'ing It All Out At SoyCon July 11, 2015  
The first 200 attendees at SoyCon will recieve lei to celebrate the island paradise theme at SoyCon. Quantities are limited. Once these are gone, they are gone! Don't miss out recieving one next weekend!
Selfie Photo Contest Has Ended July 10, 2015  
Thank you for everyone who participated and entered in our 2nd annual selfie photo contest. Please visit us on July 15th at our Contest page to view the winners of this year's contest. All winners will be contacted shortly after posting. Please feel free to check out our selfie photo contest album on Facebook.
General Attendee Registration Forms Now Online! July 10, 2015  
Sorry for the delay, there's some slight technicall difficulties, but we got it adjusted where the registration forms are now up for download! Visit our registration page to download either the PDF version or JPG version of the registration form. Remember that registering for the event is a requirement. If you're having issues printing your forms or don't have access to a printer, we will have extra forms available on site!
Selfie Photo Contest Extension June 29, 2015  
Everyone now has an extended deadline for the Selfie Photo Contest this year. We have moved from our 4th of July deadline to July 10th! Hopefully this gives more opportunites to submit those photos. Don't forget, this contest is free and it's open to anyone this is going to SoyCon or not present at this year's event! View our "Contest" page for details on how you can enter for a chance to win a free $10 eGiftCard to Amazon!
Final Schedules Now Online! June 22, 2015  
We would like to announce that finally we have schedules for both days for SoyCon! All events on the schedule are finalized so feel free to take a look what we have planned for you this year. Feel like participating? Visit our information / registration table when you visit us! Feel free to spectate our events too! We welcome our audiences to watch and have a fun time! Visit our information page for the complete schedule of events or click here to jump straight into it!
Party! Luau Style! June 9, 2015  
Join us to close Saturday of SoyCon with our Luau Party that we're putting together. We will have a Tiki Tea Bar setup for drink some tropical cold tea drinks, we'll have a Limbo Contest setup for those who dare to take the challenge against the limbo bar, and we will have a DanganRonpa style mafia game during this portion of the day!
Beach Day Is On May 23, 2015  

Every year, SoyCon hosts a little beach day meetup held on Friday afternoon at 12th Street Beach in downtown Chicago. We are in green light to host one again! Bring your swimsuits and beach cosplays to get ahead start with the SoyCon weekend! More details located in our "Events" section.

Dodgeball Returns May 4, 2015  

Dodgeball returns for more action and for more great times! Get ready for some epic dodgeball games happening this year at SoyCon! It's a very basic and simple game, but it is loaded with a lot of epic fun. Teams will have an objective to eliminate their oppenents by throwing multiple balls, trying to hit them for elimination. But don't forget that they can do the same towards you and your entire team! Will you be the last man standing? We'll find out! Head our "Events" section for more rules and guidelines.

Selfie Photo Contest #2 May 3, 2015  

After a successful contest last year, we decided go for it again with new categories and more fun! This is your chance to win our $10 Amazon Gift Card by just taking a selfie photo! Rules are very simple, take a selfie photo that qualifies within our category and submit it to SoyCon. We'll judge on who has the best selife photo within that category. This time around it'll be one photo per person, per category. Feel free to participate in all categories if you wish! Submission rules and guidelines can be found within our "Contest" section. We hope to see some of your photos this year! Don't wait too long, we'll be taking submissions until July 4th at 11:59pm CST. Also, you don't have to attend SoyCon to participate. It's open to everyone!

Welcome To The Paradise! April 15, 2015  

Aloha! Welcome old and new friends to the 8th annual social cosplay gathering event known as SoyCon! We are happy to throw another of awesome moments and amazing memories for us to share. This year our theme is "Island Paradise". You can come casual or be unique and come in cosplay! So grab your Hawaiian tops, beach style wear, or even your stylish summer outfits, and lets enjoy one giant party this summer!

Use the navigation above on this site to guide you for all the right information and needs for SoyCon. Don't forget to follow us on our social media! Not sure still? Feel free to send an e-mail to and ask away!