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July 26, 2016

You can now view images from the past 9 years of SoyCon in our archives section! Take our time machine and see all the great memories from the past including this past year's event! We also want to take a moment and thank all of our photographers who captured the amazing images at the event. We also want to thank our attendees who shown how much fun they are having with these images that you see.

We want everyone out there who couldn't make it to see that this event is alot of fun to attend. Don't worry, you got one more shot next year with our 10th anniversary coming up. We are already underway working to bring you the final SoyCon event in 2017!


The 9th Is Complete

June 19, 2016

Thank you everyone for coming to SoyCon 9 | Moonlight Night and Radiant Bright. We can't thank you enough for not only coming out, but to help SoyCon be as successful it can be. Kid Yuki and the Otaku's, DJ Kagamine, and DJ Scottaconda rocked the house Friday night with their passion for music. Forbidden Noodles and Mariano's helping to provide their great dishes to us. All the staff members who worked so hard helping put this together. And all the fans that came out to have a memorable weekend. We're happy to see everyone socialize and even participated in some of our events.

For some who may have missed the announcement on Saturday afternoon, next year SoyCon will be celebrating it's 10th anniversary. But the real announcement is that this celebration will be the final gathering event.

SoyCon has been around for a very long time and sometimes great things is needed to come to an end. Some of us can't be around much longer, we are human and we do have our own lives to live. We enjoy every moment that SoyCon has to offer from its lows to its highs. We may not perfect, we may not be the best. We're a gathering of individuals who want to have fun. Refresh old friendships and create new ones. Even for those who cannot make it out, wherever they are, they strongly believe the positive message of what SoyCon brings: hard work, dedication, and the love of who we are.

The 10th Anniversary is the final one. Let's look forward onto bringing 10 years of greatness, moments, and memories which is known as SoyCon.

Shine At Radiant Bright

June 17, 2016
Thank you all again for a wonderful night at SoyCon 9 | Moonlight Night! It has been a blast. We had DJ's (DJ Kagamine and DJ Scottaconda) jamming the night, Kid Yuki and The Otakus were explosive with their performance, the food was delicious, attendees Lip Sync'd their favorite songs, the battles were fierce in the Pokken Tournament, even a proposal happened! Our photographers have been busy getting the scoop so hope to see those wonderful photos soon.

Now, onto the next day, Radiant Bright. Here's some things you should know:

1.) Radiant Bright will begin at 11am and it will run until sunset. (Estimated 7:30pm)

2.) At-event registration will still happen, although we cannot accept any cash payments. You need to bring $10 worth of potluck plus a receipt as proof of purchase. If you're coming as a group (for example 3 persons) you need to bring a combined $30 worth of potluck items.

3.) Potluck items include water, hot dogs, burgers, buns, coolers full of ice, Gatorade, snacks, cups, utencils, etc.

4.) The location of the picnic grove is going to be a bit tricky. The address to the location is 10561 South La Grange Road
Palos Hills, IL 60465. The grove name is Crooked Creek Woods. The only way to enter through this grove is if you're heading North on LaGrange Rd. If you're driving south, you have to find a way to head North. (I'm unsure if you're allowed to U-Turn at the intersection.) The grove is close (not on) LaGrange Rd. and 107th st.

5.) When heading North on LaGrange Rd., it should be the first turn after passing 107th St. Turn right into that first turn and it should be the first picnic sheltered grove to your right.

6.) Parking is free.

7.) When you arrive, check-in at the registration table receive your badge card. If you came during Moonlight Night, you are not needed to check-in again. Just keep your badge card with you. If you lose one, we can only give you 1 replacement.

8.) Registration hours will be from 11am-4pm (or longer if needed).

9.) It's going to be hot. (90 Degrees?) Cosplay is not required. Although wear something light for this day.

10.) Porta Potties will be available for bathroom use. We'll try to support extra toilet paper and hand sanitizer.

11.) Don't forget, we have registration available for Improv Masquerade, Interpretive Dance Central, and Smash Bros. 3DS. Slots may be limited.

12.) Schedules are posted here:

13.) We'll try to answer questions as best as possible. Due to limited wireless services, we may or may not respond as fast as we can.

14.) See you at Radiant Bright!

Tonight Is The Moonlight Night

June 16, 2016

Today is the day! It's time for an amazing weekend at SoyCon!

Here's a few things you need to know:

1.) Moonlight Night will open it's doors at 4pm and it will close at 11:00pm.

2.) Registration will be open from 4pm-8:30pm. (Private Message Us On Our Facebook Page If You're Arriving After 8:30pm)

3.) Pre-Registration members will check-in at the registration table to obtain their badge cards. Anyone who hasn't registered yet can still register when you arrive. It's $15.00 for Friday only and $20 for both days. (This helps cover the food costs and space rental.) At-event registration will also need to sign in at the registration table.

4.) Moonlight Night's location will be held at the Orland Park Civic Center. The address to the place is 14750 Ravinia Avenue, Orland Park, IL 60462. (Turn on 147th Street from LaGrange Road. There should be a Walgreens. Use that as your land marker.)

5.) After passing by there a few times, it appears there is road construction on LaGrange Rd. There may be traffic on the way to the location. 147th St. should not be blocked and you're able to turn into the street without any issues.

5.) Parking is Free. The building is the further back one as you drive on 147th St. (See photo below to view the front of the building.)

6.) Food and drinks will be served at 5:00pm until 7:30pm. After 7:30pm, it will only be soda and juice.

7.) Registration for Pokken Tournament and Lip Sync Battles will open at 4:00pm. Slots will be limited. Register at the registration table.

8.) We do welcome anyone to bring drinks to help us out. Soda, water, juice, or even cups, feel free to bring some!

9.) Schedules are posted here: SoyCon Schedules & Information


Second Opportunity

June 15, 2016

Pre-Registration is now closed.

Although, we've been noticing alot of people who are trying to come in on Saturday and did not pre-register at all. We're not sure if people are not aware of the information we've been posting for the past month or completely ignoring it. This a reminder that you cannot stay on SoyCon property without a badge card.

However, we're giving everyone a second shot for Saturday goers only. Anyone who pre-registered are good to go. Anyone who's trying to do arrive and didn't pre-register yet, you must follow these instructions in order to register and obtain a badge.

1.) We are not allowed to accept any payments on the picnic grove grounds due to their regulation restrictions. But, we can accept other things to work around that restriction.

2.) SoyCon on Saturday is a potluck based event. We welcome our attendees to bring hot dogs, water, burgers, buns, coolers, ice, etc.

3.) If you would like to obtain a badge from us and register at the event, please bring any potluck items to the grove and show us a receipt at the registration table. You must bring $10 worth of potluck items per person.

4.) If you're coming in a group, lets say for example 3 people, you have to bring $30 worth of potluck items and you can mix & match anyway you like it.

5.) This way, you are helping out contributing towards the event, plus obtaining a badge card for your stay during SoyCon 9 | Radiant Bright.

Pre-Registration: Final Day

June 14, 2016
Don't miss out! SoyCon 9 Pre-Registration ends today (6/14) at 11:59pm CST! Sign up here: Rregistration.

$15 for Friday only, $10 for Saturday only, and $20 for both days.

(Remember, you cannot pay cash at the event on Saturday due to restrictions by the picnic grove! However, message us at if you still want to come if you're visiting us Saturday only!)

A Reminder About This Year's Event

June 11, 2016
A reminder to all SoyCon attendees that with all the changes that needed to be done this year, there will be admission pricing for the first time in SoyCon history. The event has grown and evolved so much that the costs has been difficult to handle to keep the event free. But in the light of things, paying for your admission will help us cover food costs, space rental, and parking availability. This was not an easy thing to decide, but we still want to bring together everyone to have a good time. Think of it as playing a part to help SoyCon be successful for the way it is.

For pricing and pre-registration details, visit:

We did it! We're finally Online!

June 3, 2016
After numerous months of being missing, the site is now finally hit the green light and things can really pickup! We want to thank everyone who has been following us on social media and thank you for being so patient with us. We deeply apologize it took us this long to get the ball rolling, there has been many obstacles we need to achieve and it has been overwhelming. Nonetheless we are here.

Not only that, some of you are wondering about pre-registration. Great news, pre-registration is now live! Head on over to our "Register" page to start signing up for this year's SoyCon.

What is the theme this year? There's two this time. Friday evening we will be indoors for a dinner and dance. Bring your nice dinner attires or even cosplay to enjoy a night of events, food, and music. As for Saturday, it's open season! Wear your comforting cosplays and enjoy the day of fun!

We got lots of work to do. But first, head on over and pre-register!
  • Friday June 17th
    • Registration: 4:00pm-8:30pm
    • Event: 4:00pm-11:00pm
  • Saturday June 18th
    • Registration: 11am-4:00pm
    • Event: 11:00am-7:30pm


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