Who are we? SoyCon is a large social gathering event ran by hard working fans to bring together a community of cosplayers, anime watchers, manga readers, video gamers, and the alike to share their appreciation, passion, and love of their desired fandom. Our goal is to bring our community together to help socialize, connect, and share similar interests as well as creating memorable moments and hopefully possibly new friends too.


SoyCon begin as a normal summer meetup which was originally hosted by C^3 aka Chicagoland Cosplay Club in 2006. It was dubbed as the Aftermath Photoshoot, gathering cosplayers in the local Chicagoland area to come together and have random fun in the city of downtown Chicago.

Arthur “Soy Sauce” Garcia was among the few who have joined on the photoshoot and helped spread the joy of a small gathering. Soy loved the idea of having a gathering of cosplayers and decided to host the event again in the same time period a year later. The Aftermath Photoshoot was a hit in 2007. Cosplay in the city, fans singing & dancing their favorite theme songs, doing cosplay photoshoots, and just having a fun time in the city.

This was the beginning of the traditional gathering which is now known as SoyCon in 2008. The event transformed into a 2-day event where the first day was a downtown cosplay gathering and the second day was a relaxing picnic. 2009 added events to entertain the SoyCon attendees such as a cosplay contest, improve masquerade skits, and roleplaying RPG game. In 2010, SoyCon has added a beach day for those want to enjoy a day at the beach to cosplay, swim, and give a good ol’ socializing with friends of old & new. When 2011 came around, the event has grown to heights that we couldn’t have imagined as it was probably the largest gathering recorded in SoyCon history with over 350+ attendees.

With that said, sometimes events had to be adjusted due to the large volume of attendees who visit our event. SoyCon 2012 has been moved to Rolling Meadows for 2-day picnic weekend. We try to change things up such as creating more events for attendees to either watch or participate such as Cosplay Foam Fighting, SoyCon Idol singing contest, Interpretive Dance Central, & a Variety show to showcase SoyCon attendee talents. From 2013-2016, the event created themes to spice the event up. We created fun games to participate in, went to school for class photos, gone tropical with a special rain storm as our special guest, and had a banquet to enjoy delicious food while DJ play all the amazing jams throughout the night.

The event began as a tiny meetup and it has grown on what can be called now a convention. SoyCon 10th Anniversary will be the final hosted event and is throwing the biggest party in their entire history. They will be celebrating by hosting their event convention style with an artist alley, gaming lounge, anime viewing room, programming, and a dance to cap the night, ending 10 years of SoyCon with a bang.