We are happy to announce that SoyCon will be hosting an Artist Alley for this year’s event and you can be a part of it too! We are looking for a wide variety of talented artists who want promote, display, and sell their hard work for attendees to admire, purchase, and enjoy. Please don’t forget to view our Artist Alley guidelines listed below.

To register and be part of AA, view the link under "Registration Information". Slots may be limited. A waiting list will be created in case any extra spaces open.


Registration for SoyCon AA is based on acceptance process. We will review your portfolio work before giving a 100% confirmation. All applications will be accepted from April 26th, 2017 through June 16th, 2017 at 11:59pm CST.

Everyone who registered will receive an e-mail, stating if we accepted or declined your studio after the acceptance date. All declined applicants will be placed on a waiting incase a confirmed studio cancels. This process will last until the end of day on July 15th.

We recommend everyone to review our guidelines here before registering for SoyCon Artist Alley.

SoyCon Artist Alley Registration
(Now Open Thru Midnight of 6/16)


The cost having a table and space at SoyCon’s artist alley will be $20. We are also giving artists a chance to bring their own table for a discounted cost. If you have your own table to bring, we will discount the cost to $15.


If you are accepted as an artist at SoyCon, you will receive the following once you arrive at the event:


If you run into a case of a lost badge, please check the registration table for any returned badges. If your artist alley badge is completely lost, we can give a replacement.


All payments must be done through our Eventbrite registration page or via PayPal. We will provide details on how to forward your payment once you are accepted. You will be contacted via e-mail provided within your AA registration. We will not accept any payments in person.


Please check-in anytime before 2:00pm at our registration desk to confirm your table. Failure to check-in will result forfeiting your space with no refund issued. Unused tables may be used for rental at the event.

Our AA Department Head will also be selling at the event. If you have questions during the event, feel free to stop by at the table.


The event will have a setup time at 12:00pm. We prefer all artist alley attendees to be ready once it strikes noon as doors will open for setup. Please check-in first at Registration when you arrive.

A department head will further assist you if you have questions on setup. SoyCon will open its doors to the public at 1:00pm.

We will not have anything to assist you when loading in or out your merchandise. Feel free to ask around for help if needed.

You are not required to stay for the entire event as artist alley closes at 9:00pm. Please make sure you clean and clear your area completely before you leave. Do not leave any garbage or anything else behind.


Only those who own an artist alley badge may only sell their product at their table.

All pieces must be kept a PG-13 or under rating. Pieces that may deem to be a possible adult material would need to be covered or kept away from the viewership of minors.

Artists are welcome to use cash or their own form of payment. Keep in mind that we may not have WIFI during the event; please use your sources wisely.

There is no ATM within the building. Please do not ask SoyCon Registration for change. Please check local businesses around the area for any ATMs to use.

Fan made items are allowed to sell. Do not sell any unlicensed anime/manga items (bootleg) or commercialized products.

We encourage all artist alley attendees to decorate tables. Just make sure your decorations doesn’t interfere or disturb others. Playing music and videos are acceptable, but be reasonable with volume control. We want everyone to be good neighbors to each other.

Do not sell anyone else’s work other than your own. Failure to comply will be removed from Artist Alley.


If there’s any reason you need to cancel before the event, you have from now til July 15th to cancel your artist alley registration. No refunds will be issued after this date.

For refunds, we will send it to you as soon as we can and it will be in the form on how you paid originally.

Any cancellations will forfeit their spot at artist alley and the next artist will be contacted immediately.

You are welcome to re-register for artist alley, but you will be starting from the back of the waiting list.


SoyCon will not be held responsible if your items are lost, damaged, or stolen. We advise everyone to keep track of every item during your time at the event. Please contact a staff member if you see any suspicious activity.

Please be aware of your surroundings and take care of your designated space. Our event is renting the venue. We want everyone to respect and care of your space.


If you have any further questions, please contact our Artist Alley Department Head at soyconaa@gmail.com or our SoyCon Event Director at soycononline@gmail.com.


SoyCon Artist Alley Registration
(Now Open Thru Midnight of 6/17)