Brought you by Cosplay Foam Fighting. CFF is a fun and safe contact event with using foam boffer weapons. These foam battles combines fast-paced full-contact combat simulation with elements of live action role-playing. The foam weapons are constructed to resemble Dark Age/medieval swords, shields, spears, etc. and generally consist of soft foam layers. Rules of combat are enforced by the referees to ensure maximum safety with maximum playability. Please visit the CFF tables for rules, regulations, and safety instructions.

Time & Place

CFF will take place outside parking lot from 1:00pm-7:00pm.


Photography & Video

Taking photos and videos will be allowed within this area.


This is a badge access point. Please visit our registration area or pre-register to purchase your badge. You must show your badge and sign a waver before participating as a requirement.


Cosplay Foam Fighting is an all ages event and it will be held in the parking lot of Venue 929.

The event will be held all day (1-7pm) on Saturday July 22nd.

Foam weapons are only to be used during battles or practices only. Using it elsewhere will result in badge revolking and removal from premesis.

All CFF participants must show their SoyCon badge and sign a wavier before participating. (Requirement)

SoyCon and CFF is not held responsible for any damages or injuries during this event. Enter at your own risk.

Please follow the CFF instructors carefully. This is a contact event and everyone working here wants to insure that everyone plays safely.

SoyCon's code of conduct applies here as well. There will be zero tolerance in misbehavior. Please review our Code of Conduct page.

Anyone who is not particaping CFF should not be near "The Arena" during battles and practice sessions.

Contact Cosplay Foam Fighting if you have any further questions.