Here at SoyCon, we try to ensure that everyone has a safe and fun event, but also your cooperation is always helpful too. We won’t tolerate any misbehavior or harassment of any sort and the appropriate actions will be taken if something appears to be dangerous or disruptive. All individuals must take responsibility for themselves. Our staff will be working on many things to do to provide the best fun possible during your time at the event; behavior issue shouldn’t be something we need to take care of. From all of us, follow the rules, display common courtesy and we shouldn’t have any problems throughout the entire time at SoyCon.


We ask everyone to wear your badges at all times during the event so we can identify attendees at the event. Staff has the right to ask for your badge before continuing onto your day.

Please follow directions & request made by SoyCon staff and Venue 929 staff members.

SoyCon is not responsible for any lost or stolen items during the event. We will have a lost & found area by registration. If you found something that is lost, please turn them in so others may have an easier time finding what they may lost. Suspicious left items will be turned over to the proper authorities.

Our event is PG-13. Some content during SoyCon may be inappropriate for ages under 13. Although we prohibit any excessive foul language, threats, and assault towards any other individual.

Spacing may be limited in the venue. Please do not block any pathways or any flow of traffic during high volumes of the event.

Appropriate clothing must be worn at all times. SoyCon has the right to ask an individual if the attire is inappropriate at the convention. If you are not sure, e-mail at

Alcohol is prohibited from the entire venue. Anyone caught consuming or in possession will automatically be dismissed from SoyCon.

Theft, use of drugs, or illegal activities will not be tolerated. Proper authorities will be contacted if these inappropriate activities occur.

SoyCon has a large diversity of attendees. We do not allow any form of harassment and discrimination.

Smoking and vaping is only allowed outside of the building and within the parking lot. Please be sure to stay clear from attendees during your smoke time.

Show common courtesy during our programming events. We are here to have fun, but fun works when you have cooperation. The event will be much better when everyone cooperates.


Venue 929 is welcoming us to host our event for this year, but you need to remember that this is their house and we must respect their property.

Be aware of your surroundings. If you see something that appear to be sensitive for fragile, stay clear from that area. The last thing anyone has to deal with is property damage.

Attendees will not be allowed any food or drinks within the venue or around the riverwalk property. Picking up as little garbage as possible would be easy for all of us to manage.

Riverwalk is open for everyone to walk around. Keep in mind that these areas are for public use. SoyCon & Venue 929 will not be responsible for any destruction of property around these areas.


SoyCon welcomes all genres of costuming. You're welcome to wear anything from anime, video games, comics,TV shows, movies, internet memes, etc.

All costumes should adhere to the rules of public decency. SoyCon volunteers reserves the right to request an attendee to change if necessary.

We ask cosplayers to keep all costumes PG. Example: Yoko (Gurren Lagann) is a costume considered to be borderline, but acceptable, of what we dont't allow. Costumes more revealing than this will not be allowed on SoyCon grounds.

It would be wise to bring a back-up pair of clothing in case you wish to change out of or if asked to.

Summer weather in the Chicagoland can be unpredictable. Please dress appropriately for hot weather. Avoid costumes that involve fur, leather, wool, and/or other heavy non-breathable materials. Example: Fully uniformed Hetalia costume or Organization XIII coats.

Any use of body paint must be consealed properly. If you are unsure on how to use consealer, we suggest to find a cosplay without the use of body paint.


All props, weapons, and armor must be prop checked by our security upon arriving at SoyCon.

For our indoor location, we will not accept any props or weapons within the building. This is to insure safety of our attendees and the building itself.

No live steel, sharp objects, or projectiles that may possibly cause harm.

All props should be obviously fake and/or blunt.

Any "gun-like" props must not be present on SoyCon grounds. We would need to ask you to put away this style of weapon for safety precautions.

No use of silly string, flammable substances, or chemical based liquids.

There will be no handling of flames of any kind (unless it's involving with cooking and grilling). We want to ensure the safety of our attendees and also the location properties.

Any item that could potentially be mistaken for an explosive or real weapon will not be allowed withn the SoyCon area .

Please be careful handling your props around others. Avoid any possiblity of causing injury to yourself or another attendee.

SoyCon will not be not responsible for any lost, stolen, or broken prop(s).

SoyCon reserves the right to confiscate or request an attendee to put away any item deemed to not be within these guidelines.


There will be badge checkpoints at certain areas of SoyCon. This is to prevent any nonpaid badge holders to experience our event. Please show your badge before you pass through any checkpoints throughout the venue. These checkpoint areas include Artist Alley, Panels & Events, and Gaming Lounge.


Our event will have photographers and videographers throughout the entire event. Most will be documenting within common areas throughout the venue. Be courteous to all of our hard working media staff so they can capture the best moments at SoyCon.

Attendees who visit the event are welcome to take photos & videos. Please remember that if an individual doesn’t want their photo to be taken or be recorded in a video, respect their wishes and avoid documenting them any further.


Our event only allows signs for cosplayers and attendees that are approved by our staff members. Inappropriate signs will be confiscated if we see fit. Please use good taste. Also, due to the high volume of political climate, we will not allow any serious or parody of any sort. These will cause many problems and we ask to keep these out from SoyCon’s premises. Reoccurring actions will forfeit your attendance at this event.