The cosplay contest and show is an event where you can showcase your cosplay on a live stage, as well as opportunities to win awards. We will have a craftsmanship category for the costume makers and a category that are just doing it for the fun. If you would like to show your costume off, feel free to take the time to read the details on this page and sign-up for the event today!


This event will be a PG rated show. We expect everyone’s behavior to be professionally friendly and we hope you can show proper courtesy to others. Also, keep the language & gestures to an acceptable level.

All ask if all participants that signs up for this event to do a walk-on.

Listen carefully to your cosplay contest coordinators. They will help guide you throughout the entire show. Ask questions if you need assistance.

We will not accept any costumes that we may consider poor taste. We highly suggest thinking about of what you’re wearing before entering the show.

Also, the cosplay contest coordinators do have the right to decline your entry. This includes inappropriate behavior, the outfit and/or prop doesn’t fit within the event‘s standards, or any previously reported wrongful activities during SoyCon.

We highly suggest avoiding any surprise attempts. We want to make sure this event runs smoothly and not have any problems that could hold up the flow of the show.

Keep in mind that this show, we are allowing the use of photography and video. You will have your photos taken and videos will be recorded.


There will be pre-registration and at-con registration for this event. We highly prefer you to pre-register so we can process your entry faster.

Please review the rest of this page before pre-registering for the contest.

Otherwise, you can enter here to begin pre-registration:
Cosplay Contest Pre-Registration Form

We highly advise checking in with the registration table to make sure that your entry is fully submitted and properly. We should have your entry information and the reference photos you have submitted.

We will also have at-con registration for the cosplay contest and it will be from 1:00pm to 5:00pm. Just head on over to our registration area to signup for the event.

All craftsmanship participants are required to show photos of their characters, especially for those who have special variants or original designs.

Pre-registration participants will need to send their photos via e-mail to Use the subject “Your_Name – Cosplay Contest Reference Photos”.

At-con registration must bring reference photocopies and hand them over to the judges to keep during the judging session.

(Please avoid showing photos via smartphone or tablet.)

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about registration!


We will accept costumes from anime, manga, video games, western movies, television, and appropriate Internet memes.

We will not be accepting any original characters and designs, Lolita fashion, and “unknown background/random characters”.

Original variants & concepts from existing characters are allowed. You are required to provide photo references.

Costume Size Limitations

Due to limited door spacing, we will only allow outfits that can fit through a standard sized door. (Normally it’s 6ft tall and 3ft wide.)

Larger/Wider costumes may fit although, we can’t 100% guarantee it.


Before entering the contest, you are required to have your prop tagged by security. This will help us make sure that your item is approved to showcase for the show. Please visit the security area to obtain a tag for your prop.

Live steel is absolutely not allowed. We will ask you to leave your prop elsewhere as it’s now allowed anywhere on the SoyCon venue area.

Firearms must be 100% blunt or fake. Nothing is allowed to fire, no exceptions. There should be also nothing loaded within your prop. We will keep a close eye.

Lasers, powder, fire, explosives, or any effects that can cause harm (or a mess) is not allowed. Any use of a generated smoke or vapor is not allowed either. If you have any use of lights on your prop or outfit, please let the cosplay contest coordinators know.


You can enter as an individual or as a group (persons 2-6 preferably). If your group is entering in the craftsmanship category, all costumes must be made. You will not be allowed to enter as a group if at least one person has their costume commissioned.

One costume, per person, per show. No multiple costumes or entries allowed.

The craftsmanship category will only be allowed up to 15 entries. Any entries after that can only participate in the participation category. For details on categories, see below.


Craftsmanship – Cosplayers who have done at least 60% of their costume. All entries in this category will be judged before the show and also be doing a walk-on performance. These entries will be eligible to win craftsmanship and/or walk-on awards. We will only limit this to the first 15 entries.

Participation – Cosplayers who don’t want to compete or have their costume judged, but still want to do a walk-on performance for the show. These entries in this category will be eligible to win only walk-on awards.


There will be two sets of judges:

Craftsmanship – Only be judging the craftsmanship entry cosplayers. Will be focusing on mainly needlework, prop, and armory. The cosplayer must do 60% of their costume.

Walk-On Performance – Only be judging the walk-on performances.

Any group entries will be judged as a group overall.


To Be Announced


The show begins at 7:00pm and doors open for seating at 6:30pm.

All craftsmanship entries and participants must report to the main programming stage at 6:00pm. We will be going over the details on how the show works as well as direction on where to do your stage walk. PLEASE DON’T BE LATE!

All craftsmanship entries will be doing quick judging sessions with the craftsmanship judges starting at 6:00pm sharp. Be there on time so they can judge your costume. If we cannot judge you, you will be ineligible to win any craftsmanship awards.


Pre-Registration begins today. Register your entry here at the Cosplay Contest Registration Form page. Pre-registration will last until midnight of July 8th. Once you completed your registration, you will receive confirmation e-mail.

We will accept groups in between 2-6 persons. You can also participate as an individual.

The event show time will start at 7pm on Saturday July 22nd. All participants must be report inside the main programming room stage by 6pm. Craftsmanship participants will have their costumes judged starting at 6pm.

At-con registration will be available from 1pm-5pm on Saturday July 22nd only. Visit the registration table to signup.

Pre-registered craftsmanship participants should have already sent their photos to Your subject should read, “Your Name – Cosplay Contest Reference Photos”. At-con registration participants must already have printed reference photos to give to the judges. Non-craftsmanship entries do not need to submit any reference photos.

If you have any further questions, comments, or concerns, contact us at our email at