Below are common questions that are normally asked. This will help guide you in case you have any quick questions that needed to be answered. Feel free to shoot us a message at if you have any futher questions or concerns.

What is exactly SoyCon? I'm really confused what it is.

SoyCon was born as a cosplay gathering event that brings togther a community of fans to celebrate their interest in not only cosplay, but also anime, manga, gaming, and more. We host events, panels, programming that cater to these type of fans. But our goal is to have fans enjoy themselves to make new moments, make new friends, and create new memories. Visit our gallery section to view our photo event historyt.

Where and when is SoyCon?

SoyCon 10th Anniversary will be held on July 22, 2017 at Venue 929 in Schaumburg, IL. (Only about 2 miles west of Woodfield Mall.) Check out our location pages for information on our venue and directions how to get there.

Does it cost to visit SoyCon?

SoyCon will have an admission this year to help run the event. As our it grows every year, the spacing gets very tough to accomadate for everyone. We are always pushing forward to make sure our event runs smoothly, with also making sure everyonehas a great time Pre-registration is currently $5.00 per person from now through the end of day of July 15th Otherwise it will be $10.00 person for at-door registration. You can pre-register at SoyCon's Eventbrite.

How long does your event last?

SoyCon will be from 1:00pm thru midnight. Plenty of hours of fun even if you need to come in a little later! For details on hours on specific events, visit our information pages.

Is cosplay required to attend? I don't have a costume.

No costume? No problem! Come as yourself if you want to! Our event is very cosplay friendly and we welcome various types of cosplayers, but cosplay is only optional. Just make sure you have a set of clothes on before you step in!

Why should we come to SoyCon?

Our event is very unique as the event has an atmosphere of a meetup, but organized as a convention. Fans just like you are willing to put their heart into welcoming everyone who either has been around for a long time or just finally setting foot into their first cosplay meeting event. We do welcome fans all around. The staff is very kind and helpful. We want to make sure the attendee is enjoying themselves and have a memorable experience whenever you're participating in something or crusing around the event. If you are stil not sure about something, drop us a line on our social media or email at