Nettie (OmniZion)Kuri is a very lively, positive, and energetic Puerto Rican cosplayer. She has been around the cosplay and convention scene for many years and having the time of her life. She grew up watching anime and always wanted to dress up as her favorite characters.

Today, she now has a wide variety costumes that she wears at every convention she has a chance to go to. During her cosplay journey, she picked up may skills such as sewing and makeup. Practicing to get even better than her last work.

Kuri loves modeling when she's not in costume. Giving her a bit of an edge when it comes to posing infront of the camera. She also has a passion for dancing. Kuri was a former cheerleader, but can no longer perform routines due to her ankle injury long ago. Dancing is a great alternative since she can still perform many routines and have fun with it. You can watch some of her dances on her YouTube channel: Goddess of Darkness 007

You can catch her this year at SoyCon in the cosplay makeup panel hosted by herself and other cosplay guests. She will be there ready and willing to have fun with everyone!


You can follow her at:

(Photographer credit: Joygasm, Soy Sauce Productions, Zatoyoshi Photography, UMOPhoto)