"Would like to learn about makeup for your cosplay? Don’t know where to begin? At this panel, you can learn the basics of makeup along with different techniques to make you look great in photos! Our team of cosplay guests will help you learn about foundation, contouring, and additional touches to get close to look like the character you want to be! We welcome all cosplayers, even for those who love crossplaying too! Come learn some new stuff and have a good time!"

Time & Place

The event will take place in the Sancturay Room - Area A. Time to be announced. Seating will begin 15 minutes before the event begins.


This event is hosted by Kuri Cortez, Pockytheif, & UntitledxMe.

Photography & Video

Taking photos and videos will be allowed during this event.


This is a badge access point. Please visit our registration area or pre-register to purchase your badge.