Map Overview

Feel free to checkout our overview map of the entire venue. The floor map is separated into a few different areas.

Main Programming Room

The main programming room will be our designated spot for panels, events, etc. During the day, the room will be split in half to have multiple panels running at the same time. This will run until we have to setup for the masquerade later in the evening.

Main Hallway

SoyCon's main hallway is our free-roaming spot to get to any of our SoyCon designated spots. The hallway consists of two different entrances, located on the east & west ends of the building. Feel free to enter on either side. In the middle of the hallway will be our registration booth and staff headquarters.

Registration Booth

To find registration, we are located at the enter of the main hallway. Here is where you can pickup your badges for pre-registration and at-door registration. Our staff headquarters will be located here as well. If you have any questions, concerns, etc., stop by and let us know!

Gaming & Lounge Area

This section of the venue will be dedicated to table top and video games, as well as a spot for attendees to sit, relax, and enjoy the atmosphere. You can explore the room by picking up a video game or if you can find a group of people to play some table top games, those will be available as well. And in the back of the room, you will find a anime viewing room to watch some of the anime selected by your SoyCon staff.

Anime Viewing Room

Located in the back of the gaming & lounge area. SoyCon staff selected a few anime for your viewing pleasure. Feel free to checkout what we picked out! For a full schedule and selection of anime, visit our Anime Viewing Room page under our Programming section.

Vendors/Artist Alley

This designated area will be located near the west entrance of the venue. Here will you find different booths of artists and more of their work. Check them out! Support them when you can!

Riverwalk Area

This outdoor area is spot where you can relax and enjoy the outdoors. The area consists of a long riverbank that you can walk around in. Surrounded by peaceful scenary and perhaps an opportunity for cosplayers & photographers to pickup some photoshoots. On the other side of the riverwalk, there is a Gazebo you can relax under.

Parking Area

The parking area is mainly a parking lot for attendees to park. Parking is free. We recommend you to come earlier for the best parking spots. We will be blocking off a portion of the parking area for Cosplay Foam Fighting.

Map Overview

Celebrate With Us One Last Time on July 22, 2017