Nettie (OmniZion)

Rachel, aka Matcha-hime, is a Cleveland native who made her start in cosplay around 2009 shortly after attending her first convention, and moved to Chicago in 2011. She was so infatuated with the hobby she took up sewing so she could make her own costumes. Every project, both cosplay and miscellaneous, was seen as an opportunity to challenge herself and further her skills. She has recently started dabbling in wig styling and prop/armor making in hopes to be a more self sufficient, well rounded cosplayer who can pass her knowledge on to others.

Since 2011 she has helped Godly Team Cosplay with performances across the country and is a Master level performance competitor at most masquerades and has judged performance for conventions like Anime Central, KolissionCon, and MatsuriCon!

Her interests outside of anime, gaming, and cosplay include electrical tinkering, kpop, food trucks, and collecting rilakkuma and animal crossing merch.

You can follow the her at: