Nettie (OmniZion)"Hey lovelies! I'm Nettie of OmniZion! I'm a cosplayer who loves to build unique cosplay outfits and spread positivity in the cosplay community! One of my favorite things about cosplay is the ability to help people with their projects as well as encouraging them in day to day life! That's why I'm looking forward to the panels at SoyCon this year! Panels are not your normal con panels but instead an open forum, mesh of voices and ideas about a variety of subjects! I'm very excited to be a part of leading a panel called Cosplay: The Growing Social Media Scene where things will be discussed such as the rise in social media's effects on cosplay, running a social media site, dealing with people over the Internet, social networking and much more! I'm excited to get to converse with and befriend new people over our love for cosplay, anime and video games!"

~ Nettie (OmniZion)

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(Photo notes: All cosplays made and modeled by NettiePie @Omnizion,
Photographer credit: @photography by Rebekah Surges and @ssbdigital (both on Facebook!)